Slotstik Skimboards Board Templates FoamThe core of a skimboard provides the foundation of the entire design. At Slotstik, we use the highest performing and most durable foam cores available.

CORECELL™ foam is at the heart of the entire Slotstik line-up and is vastly superior to polyvinyl ( PVC ) foam in every way. We know this because we used grey PVC foam for over 16 years. We switched to CORECELL™ in 2003 and since then, we and our riders have never looked back.

CORECELL™ cores are stronger and more compression resistant and consistent than PVC foam. They take skimboard performance and quality to the highest level with increased response and strength not possible with inferior PVC alternatives.


Slotstik Skimboard Carbon Fiber TextureSlotstik uses HEXCEL® woven fabrics in both our fiberglass and carbon fiber glassing schedules. We appreciate the high quality and consistency HEXCEL® provides and they are leaders in a very competitive industry.

E-GLASS fiberglass is the most prevalent fabric in both skimboard and surfboard lamination. Its consistent, durable, saturates well during glassing and provides affordable support and performance. When layered on CORCELL™ cores it surpasses many competitors boards who wrap PVC cores with more expensive composites.

S-GLASS fiberglass is specially woven and designed for added strength. About twice the cost of e-glass, s-glass provides a 15-20% increase in tensile strength. It makes a skimboard stiffer and more ding resistant, extends wear life, and when used in smaller weights, lighter. Many Slotstik riders prefer s-glass’ increased response and feel over a wide range of conditions.

CARBON FIBER provides a significant increase in tensile strength, stiffness, and durability over fiberglass composites. Its cost is substantial, but that doesn’t matter to riders that are convinced it gives them an added edge. Our experience working with carbon fiber stretches back almost 20 years and we have mastered its complexities. We recommend clear or tinted finishes on carbon boards for maximized strength and stunning esthetics.